Scuba in Riviera Maya

SCUBA diving has been one of Akumal’s biggest attractions since its very inception. Today, Akumal is home to some of the most pristine and underrated dive sites in the Riviera Maya. In the bays of Kantenah, Xaac, La Medialuna y la Caleta de Yalku you’ll find plenty of dive sites for a great underwater getaway.

In the shores of Akumal corals have created stunning formations including caves, canyons, and mountains that harbor many species of marine life and where it is very common to see Akumal’s famous turtles.

On the other side of highway 307 you’ll find a vast network of underground caves and rivers known as cenotes. Here you can swim, snorkel, and SCUBA dive in this unique ecosystem.

There are a couple dive shops in Akumal, the most famous of which is located in the entrance to Akumal bay and offers daily exursions as well as most PADI certification courses. Here they’ll provide you with all the gear you need for this activity.

The main reefs to dive in Akumal are:

TZIMIN-HA: 60 to 90ft deep, this reef is teeming with marine life and is home to huge groupers and massive sea sponges on addition to all the fish life and turtles.


TRIGGER FISH: between 60-100 ft  this place is considered the best deep diving spot for experienced local divers. This deeper reef harbors life that you won’t find in the more shallow reefs, if you have enough experience for this dive you must not miss it.


GONZALO’S REEF: 60-80 ft deep and only 4 minutes away by boat, this dive site is named after a local diver that dedicated his life to diving in Akumal. The reef has some of the best


 XA-AK: also known as the cat, this site has depths ranging from 60 to 90ft. Located about 15 minutes by boat from Akumal, this is a very special dive site. Unique coral formations grow as high as 30 ft from the bottom. This is another site were turtles are very common and stingrays, nurse sharks, and tropical fish abound.