Spa in Cancun

SPA Services in Cancun


It is easy to find spas in Cancun, whether it is your hotel’s or a different one. Most hotel spas offer a wide range of services, including spa treatments in modern facilities, massages on the beach, or temazcal (Mexican traditional steam bath). We highly recommend you spend a day of your relaxing vacations enjoying a spa day for a true relaxing experience.


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Spa Services offered in Cancun

Wet treatments:

Temazcal: a steam bath that originated in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations. It is a sauna-like treatment in which steam is produced by pouring herbal infusions over hot rocks, and is accompanied with the art of “rameo” (being softly hit with aromatic and medicinal plants, helping you detoxify, improving your breathing and blood circulation). Available in some hotels and specialized spas. Ask your concierge about it.

Sauna and Steam Baths: these services are available in practically ever 5 star and Gran Turismo hotel in Cancun.

Body Wraps: Very used by spas to help exfoliate, nurture and detoxify the skin and body. The most common materials include:

·         Exfoliating: mineral salts base, mixed with essential oils and algae or mud that rubbed over the skin to cleanse it of any dead cells and impurities, tone up, improve blood circulation and oxygenating the skin

·         Paraffin: to soften the skin using by covering it in warm paraffin

Facials: use natural ingredients to nurture and soften the skin

Massages: most hotels in Cancun offer massages both in their facilities and on outdoor locations. Whether it is Shiatsu, to balance your body’s energies, reductive, to loosen any body fat, therapeutic, focused on the spine, Swedish, the most common one, uses essential oils to relax your muscles, reflexology, an energetic massage for feet and hands, and Vichy, a massage that uses high pressure water showers to stimulate blood flow. Specialized massages like therapeutic, reflexology and Vichy are less commonly found and may require a specialized spa to offer them.

Aromatherapy:  usually accompanies any other treatment. Using natural oils made of different leaves, flowers and fruits applied in different ways, these are very effective to reduce stress and help you relax.